Information for Patients

Progressive loss of muscle affects every person over the course of their adult lives. Surprisingly, it begins in young adulthood and as early as twenty-five years of age, accelerating over time to culminate in an extreme condition called “sarcopenia”. In fact, total muscle mass decreases by nearly 50% between the ages of 20 and 70 years causing loss of strength, endurance, mobility, and eventually independence.

By age thirty, characteristics of body weight gain mask the early visual signs of muscle loss with accumulation of fat. However, after forty, loss of muscle and strength accelerate noticeably so that by late middle age and beyond, especially in physically inactive persons, functional consequences such as weakness, frailty, poor coordination, reduced endurance, loss of vitality, erosion of life quality and independence increase with each passing decade. Thus, sarcopenia is an important cause of morbidity and mortality as we age. However, it is potentially reversible through appropriate changes in life style, exercise and regular use of anabolic food complements such as Sarcotropin.

SarcotropinTM is a medical food containing ingredients that oppose muscle loss and sarcopenia. Factors contributing to development of sarcopenia include progressive, age-related decline in nervous system activity, growth hormone production, sex steroid levels, and specific amino acids and vitamins resulting from inadequate intake of dietary energy and protein. Accordingly, Sarcotropin was specifically formulated to oppose these deficiencies by combining essential ingredients in a medical food product intended to complement a normal diet and healthy life style. Recognizing the supportive effect of growth hormone on muscle, selection of active ingredients for the Sarcotropin formula include those that directly stimulate cells in the pituitary gland to produce and secrete it as they did during youth. In addition, ingredients in Sarcotropin stimulate appetite and positive energy balance, promote better sleep, gastric motility, acid secretion, and reduce blood glucose. This wide spectrum of biological activity makes Sarcotropin potentially useful not only for opposing muscle loss, but also for its preventive and therapeutic potential in management of endocrine, gastroenterological (GI), metabolic and other age-related disorders at the discretion of a health care professional.

In addition to efficacy, it is essential that the ingredients in Sarcotropin be safe for extended use. In this regard, all ingredients have a safety record spanning decades of use in human beings. Research of the peer reviewed scientific literature attests to the validity of safety claims. In addition, ProSoma LLC has commissioned general toxicity and genotoxicity studies in animals so as to confirm that the dosages of Sarcotropin ingredients do not cause any adverse medical effects or genetic alterations. In addition, a large Phase 3 clinical trial was commissioned by ProSoma LLC to confirm safety and efficacy in human beings. All tests demonstrated benefits of the product. Report summaries are available to the public upon request.

Because of the need to use Sarcotropin appropriately in concert with other medical therapies for opposing maladaptive effects of aging on body composition and for reducing risks of developing age-related disorders, the product is only available to those who are under supervision of a health care professional. To determine if Sarcotropin will be of benefit in a program designed to sustain health, vitality and good quality of life during aging, ask your practitioner for more information about this important medical food and/or go to